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About Me

Hi! I'm Allie.

With the extra time I gained by staying home during the pandemic, I taught myself how to sew. It turns out that when everything feels like it's falling apart, putting on gangster rap or a true crime podcast, ignoring social media for days at a time, and creating really beautiful things is my jam.

In October 2020, I made a few satin scrunchies for myself and wore one on a Zoom call. A coworker (who I had not met prior to that day), chatted me and asked me where I got it. When I told her I made it, she said, "You should sell them!"

Enter A Blonde and a Bobbinmy dream of (very) small business ownership coming true. In early November 2020, I became a registered LLC in Minnesota. And on November 23, 2020, I officially launched my online store with a collection of scrunchies, handmade by me, created with beautiful fabrics inspired by the most amazing women I know—SewInspired Scrunchies.

Scrunchies were not the end of the road for me, though. In December 2020, I released a line of "chunky" top-knot headbands—Top-Knotch Headbands. And in early 2021, the Whimsical Wristlet, Bowtie Stretch Headwraps, Untangled Headwraps, and Baby Bow Headwraps were born. So far, mid-2021 has brought Scrunchie Apple Watch Bands and Scarf 'n Bow Scrunchies to life.

I have plans to design and perfect even more products, and bring them to you as soon as I feel like they're up to my (very high) Virgo standards.

I hope you find something you love on my site. And, if you don't, I hope you'll follow me on social media to keep tabs on the new products I'll be launching in the coming weeks and months.

Thanks for reading, following, and shopping (and giving me a reason to continue my gangster rap/sewing catharsis).