Scrunchie Sizes 

A Blonde and a Bobbin scrunchies are made in three sizes, unless otherwise noted in the product description.


Pony will wrap around most ponytails twice and thin-haired ponytails three times. It could also be used for buns for little girls, and it is the perfect size to fit around your wrist while not in use.


Bun will fit around short-haired and tight long-haired/ballerina buns once or twice. It can also be wrapped around a pony to giving extra scrunchie volume. When not in use, it is the perfect size to fit around your wrist.

Big Bun

Big Bun is oversized and overstuffed. With 50% more volume than Pony, it's designed to wrap around long-haired and messy buns. Of course, you can still wrap it around a ponytail for extra-extra scrunchie volume. And it's still the perfect size to fit around your wrist when not in use.


Top-Knotch Headband Sizes

Top-Knotch Headbands are made in two sizes, Girls' and Regular. The Regular headband is 3" wide at its widest, and the Girls' size is 2" wide at its widest. Regular will fit most adults. Girls' will fit most toddlers and children (and adults who desire a less "chunky" band).